The Mystery of the Aurora Corsair

Episode 1

The Blackened Orb

The PCs visit Maverick at her grav-line cantina, the Seven-Eight-Nine. They know they’re looking for a contact named Maverick, and so start searching the cantina. As they search, Rol introduces himself to a table of three men; two of them are clearly nervous, and look out of place in the flight fatigues (Zylo and Barath), whilst the third man is drunk and is clearly local (Goze’tel).

From Goze’tel, Rol discover’s Maverick is the female Chiss whom is currently playing a musical instrument up on the stage. Rol and Zule run into Maverick’s right hand man (Hash), who has them sit and wait for her to finish her set.

Once finished, Maverick discusses with them the contract of tracking down one of her missing smugglers, a man named Vincent Jerrigan, along with a sensitive data-tape he stole from her. After a failed attempt at haggling a price, the PCs agree to a 1000 credit reward contract, accepting that if Vincent and the tape are not returned to Maverick intact, the contract will be made void. She points them in the direction of Vince’s apartment in the Blue Sector, advising that he is likely to have left in a hurry and not cleaned up after himself.

At the tail end of the meeting with Maverick, a thug of a bounty hunted named Stone, and two of his crew, confront Maverick. He is outraged the bounty wasn't exclusively offered to him. Maverick palms him off as if he were a petulant child. Stone glares at his competition – the PCs, before storming out of Seven-Eight-Nine.

Hiring a air-speeder, the PCs head out into Coronet City, making there way to the lawless Blue Sector, where they’ll find Vincent’s apartment. The slum like apartment block is run down, and the level where Vincent’s apartment is located, displays signs of a fairly recent blaster fight. From a nearby, torn apart, apartment a loud clatter is heard. R4 investigates whist Zule and Rol head to Vincent’s apartment. In the apartment, R4 discovered a decaying body of a human male, and signs of a struggle. The man (Starv) has been killed by a blaster shot at point blank. In a closet, not far from the body, is Starv’s daughter, hiding from the “bad men” who killed her daddy. After a moment of panic from the girl (Taya), R4 manages to convince her he means no harm. 

Meanwhile, Zule and Rol search Vincent’s apartment after breaking in. The place is clearly deserted, excepted for a domesticated cat, which Zule befriends. R4 reports via comm that he has found a child, and Rol decides to go and investigate, leaving Zule to crack Vincent’s computer terminal. Cradling the dark blue loft cat, Zule finds nothing substantial on the terminal, except for a week old overdue docking fee notice from the Blue Flower spaceport. Zule requests an updated notice – Vincent’s ship has now become property of Blue Flower, which is a clue that his ship may still be here in the Blue Sector.

From Taya, Rol and R4 discover that her father had been brutally interrogated by a man in black, after his home was ransacked by Imperial Stormtroopers. Hidden deep in a ventilation shaft, R4 spots a perfect smooth black orb, the size of an orange. The orb is a mystery that Taya can shed no detailed light upon, other then that her father had come home from work in the orbital yards, with it. He hid it away, and refused to talk about it, no matter how much the man in black made him scream.

Meanwhile, as Zule is leaving the apartment, a skiff full of unknown combatants pulls up at Vincent’s apartment balcony, and start to clammer out. Fleeing, Zule blasts the computer and rushes to rendezvous with her companions, as angry voices shout after him. Realising they may have kicked the hornet's nest, the PCs leave the apartment block and rush to the Blue Flower, taking with them the orb, loth cat, and Taya. They don't get far before two swoop bikes intercept them…



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